IITM VPN Connection for Mac Users

Recently I wanted to connect to one of the intranet sites of IIT Madras from my home. It required me to setup a VPN connection to IITM’s internal network. Googling around, led me to this page. Being skeptical of the promptness of reply by going through the channels of a Faculty Advisor, I decided to search a bit more and some youtube comment led me to the credentials required for the VPN connection.So setting up a connection was a child’s play once I got all the credentials. Go through the following steps to setup a VPN connection to IIT Madras’s internal network on a Mac :

  1. Go to System Preferences -> Network.
  2. Click on the “+” Button to add a new connection.image1
  3. A drop down menu would appear. Select VPN for Interface and select Cisco IPSec for VPN Type. You may enter anything you like for Service Name. Then hit Create.image2
  4. Enter for Server Address. You can anything for account name now. Note : While authenticating your VPN Connection, you will be required to give your LDAP username as account name.image6
  5. After filling in the two input boxes, click on Authentication Settings to add the Machine Authentication details i.e. Shared Secret Key and Group Name. Enter IITM_VPN for Group Name and I1tmC0nnect for Shared Secret Key. In the end, hit OK.image4
  6. We are almost there. Just click Connect and then hit Applyimage7
  7. You will be greeted by a VPN Connection pop asking you to authenticate yourself. Add your LDAP username as Account Name and LDAP password as Password. Then hit OK.image3
  8. And voila, sweet success. Now you are ready to go. Just fire up your favourite browser (or Firefox, incase of workflow 😛 ) and test it out.image5